Table of Contents, vol 3, no 3&4, year 2011

A Knowledge Development Conception and its Implementation: Ontology Categories, Knowledge Ontology, Rule System and Application Scenarios
Eckhard Ammann, Reutlingen University, Germany
Ismael Navas-Delgado, University of Málaga, Spain
José F. Aldana-Montes, University of Málaga, Spain

Effectively Using an Online Multidisciplinary Tool to Update Healthcare Mentors: A Comparative Evaluative Study
Stephen White, The University of Huddersfield, UK
Karen Ousey, The University of Huddersfield, UK

A Holistic Stress Intervention Online System - Designing for Self-help through Multiple Help
Asa Smedberg, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden
Hélène Sandmark, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Division of Public Health Sciences, Mälardalen University, Sweden

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